Friday, November 4, 2016

2.7 Peer Review of my learning activity

Breaking Stereotypes learning Unit

Part I: Low Level of Collaboration (code 3) : pair work following the study of the short story The Stranger Within  by Ami Hilborn.

Pupils will come up with the stereotypical view of both old and homeless people, this being the point of view of the main character's friend and the passers by who ignore the old lady with the shopping cart.

THis will lead to pair work:

Pupils will be asked to think, discuss and come up with answers to some or all of the following questions:

What kinds of characteristics are included in stereotypes?

Why do people form and use stereotypes?

What makes us think in stereotypes?
What influence do stereotypes have on the way we judge people
What influence do stereotypes have on the way we act / take action?
Can we overcome stereotype effects?  

The idea is that besides introducing the subject of Stereotypes, pupils will be working on the four  language skills:

I will ask each pair to write a short paragraph with their answers.

High Level of collaboration - code 5
a. Pupils will be divided into collaborative groups of 3 and 4
b. Each group will access he course's Moodle Platform, by means of which they will have access to texts in various formats (Padlet, written text, recorded voice, short Youtube videos, Powerpoint Presentations and Google Slides, etc.)  related to the subject of Stereotypes.

This Padlet ( a link to which will appear on the Moodle Platform) will provide the guidelines for the work of each group)

Note: I used this Padlet with another group whem I carried out a slightly different version of this unit.

Pupils will also be exposed to content related to Steretypes on the Moodle Platform.
This video can provide a glimpse into that content:

I have based the idea of this learning activity on that which I presented on this Learning Designer Document

I might create a clip such as the one I created for my work with another group of pupils two years ago.

Reviewa received:

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